New Course for Teachers: “Self-Care Strategies for Teachers”

LMU Extension introduces: “Self-Care Strategies for Teachers

Careers where people need to manage others’ feelings and behaviors, like teaching, are considered among the most stressful. From safety concerns to troubled students, teachers often deal with high-stress situations that can leave them feeling beat up and uninspired.

This course addresses the foundational health and well-being of teachers and takes a comprehensive inventory of the many aspects of the self – personally, and as teacher, parent, partner, friend, and community member.

By managing stress through a targeted investment in self-care and wellness, and by learning strategies to stop absorbing stressors, teachers can build healthier careers. This offers the added benefit of increasing fruitfulness, inspiration, and longevity for career educators. By the end of the course, teachers will be able to apply the concepts they’ve learned to build a more grounded, inspired, and sustainable career in education; be better prepared to manage stressful situations; build long-term self-care strategies into their relationships, daily lives, and work; and track their progress through a series of somatic and emotional self-evaluations.

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