New Course for Teachers: “Facilitating Discussions About Violence and Trauma in the Classroom (Grades K-8)”

LMU Extension introduces: “Facilitating Discussions About Violence and Trauma in the Classroom (Grades K-8)“.

From churches to nightclubs, schools to streets, it seems that no venue or event is immune to widespread violence. As much as adults try to shelter children from hearing about these events, this information reaches their ears. Acts of violence can impact young students in very negative and damaging ways. While teachers may not have control over how this information reaches their students, they can help their students better understand these tragic national and worldwide events.

This course will provide effective strategies for both teachers and young students to work through their thoughts and feelings about tragic world events. Teachers will gain strategies for helping students engage in respectful, meaningful dialogues with their peers about these sensitive topics and develop a variety of tools for exploring local, domestic, and international tragedies further. By the end of the course, the teacher will be able to engage community, school, and parental stakeholders in developing a holistic support system for students who have been personally or indirectly impacted by tragedy.

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