New Theological Studies Courses Offered in Spring 2017

The following Theological Studies courses will be offered in the Spring of 2017:

Christology: A course focused on the Christian community’s quest to understand Jesus Christ’s identity and purpose. Instructor Cecilia González-Andrieu teaches in the department of Theological Studies, she is one of the leading scholars n theological aesthetics, has been recognized with awards for her writing by the Catholic Press Association, and is much active on research and advocacy for issues of Latino/a Theology, immigration and educational justice.

Foundations of Philosophical Ethics: Students in bioethics are introduced to the theories and problems of moral philosophy, comprising both a historical and a systematic component. The main versions of ethics are studied. Instructor Roberto Dell’Oro is Professor of Theological Studies and Director of the Bioethics Institute. He is the author/co-author of various books such as: Health and Human Flourishing: Religion, Moral Anthropology, and Medicine (Washington: Georgetown University Press, 2006), Esperienza morale e persona (Rome: Gregorian University Press, 1996).

Hinduism: Vedanta, and Yoga: Students will explore the foundational teachings of India’s six traditional philosophies: Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Vedanta, Samkhya, Yoga, and Mīmāṃsā with a special focus on Vedanta. Instructor Christopher Key Chapple is the Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology and Director of the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies at LMU. His research interests focus on the renouncer religious traditions of India: Yga, Jainism, and Buddhism. He has published several books on these topics with SUNY Press, including Karma and Creativity (1986), Nonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions (1993).

Introduction to Systematic Theology: Students will investigate Christian faith in its entirety. The class deals with the contemporary meaning of Christian doctrines and their interrelatedness. Instructor Susan Abraam is an Assistant Professor of Theological Studies. She holds expertise in the areas of Theology and Global Political Theory, Postcolonial and Feminist Theological Practices, and Christianity between Colonialism and Post Colonialism.

Islam and the Modern World: This course will introduce students to the contemporary Islamic religious tradition. Focusing on the ways in which different Muslim groups have understood Islam and hat it means to be Muslim. Instructor Amir Hussain is Professor of Theological Studies at LMU, where he teaches courses on world religions. His own particular specialty is the study of Islam, focusing on contemporary Muslim societies in North America. In terms of publications, he wrote an introduction to Islam for North Americans entitled Oil and Water: Two Faiths, One God (Kelowna: Copper House, 2006). He has published over 50 book chapters and scholarly articles about religion.

Pastoral and Theological Vision of Pope Francis: This seminar explores the pastoral/theological vision and methods of the reform papacy of Pope Francis.It delves into the achievements of Vatican II, theological, social, ecclesial, and cultural developments in Latin America. Instructor and Jesuit Father Allan Figueroa Deck is a Distinguished Scholar in Pastoral Theology and Latino Studies and holds a dual appointment as ecturer in the Departments of Theological Studies and Chicano/Latino/a Studies at LMU.

Theory and Practice of Spiritual Direction: This course seeks to further the student’s understanding of spiritual direction as a form of pastoral care and as a helping relationship. Instructor and Father James Clarke works Part-Time in the College of liberal arts, has an extensive academic background in the fields of spirituality, adult education, counseling, ritual and depth psychology, and currently serves as the Chair of theSpirituality Commission of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

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