New Course for Teachers: “Blended Learning: Teaching in the Digital Age”

LMU Extension introduces: “Blended Learning: Teaching in the Digital Age“.

The world is changing rapidly. Students are now digital natives: tech-savvy individuals whose regular interaction with technology influences how they learn, think, and communicate. From the time they are born, digital natives have technology at their fingertips. With this major change to the way students understand and interact with the world, it is essential that teachers integrate technology in their instruction to build students’ digital literacy, engagement, and career and college readiness. Blended learning–instruction that combines online and onsite (in-classroom) resources and practices–is a research-based approach that leverages technology to build a collaborative, engaging, efficient, and effective learning environment. Blended learning takes many forms: teachers can blend a single lesson or activity, or use blended learning as a framework for an entire course.

This course is designed as a guide for teachers who are interested in implementing blended instruction across subject areas to increase student engagement and achievement, differentiate instruction, and connect students to meaningful, community-driven learning experiences. Participants will learn how to develop blended instruction in alignment with specific learning targets and standards, including the Common Core, to meet students’ learning needs. By the end of the course, participants will be able to design and implement meaningful blended learning experiences with goal- and objective-aligned assessments and activities that address students’ unique characteristics as digital natives and foster the development of key 21st century skills.

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