New Online Course: Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016

LMU Extension introduces “Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016”.

Get to know Microsoft Access 2016 (now available through Office 365) through a step-by-step course designed for both novices and those users who’ve spent some time with Access. Through this course, you’ll harness the application’s many powerful features and learn to build a database and customize the way data is stored. You’ll master the creation of tables and forms to simplify data entry, create professional-looking reports, and design useful queries. Finally, you’ll learn to speed up your work and create consistency by automating your database with macros (short programs that perform a series of steps). By the time you’ve finished the course, you’ll know how to organize and assemble an effective database for any kind of information you need to store, document, and manage.

Laurie Ulrich Fuller has been writing about and teaching people to use Microsoft Office for more than 20 years—including personally training thousands of students, writing hundreds of training manuals, and authoring and co-authoring more than 30 books on subjects including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Her books include 2000-page epics that document every button, bell, and whistle, as well as friendlier introductory and troubleshooting books for new users. Her most recent publication on Microsoft Access is Access 2016 for Dummies. In addition to writing and teaching, Laurie runs her own firm, Limehat & Company, providing training, marketing, graphic design, and web development services to clients throughout the world, with a focus on helping growing companies and non-profit organizations build their brand through effective promotions, outreach, and education.

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