Extension Faculty co-author New Book on Yoga Therapy

Larry Payne

Eden Goldman

Terra Gold

Three well-known members of the Extension faculty recently co-authored Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine: Larry Payne, founding instructor of the Yoga Therapy programs, Terra Gold and Eden Goldman, founding instructors of the Yoga and Healing Sciences teacher training, at the Center for Religion and Spirituality. Larry, Terra and Eden each have prior backgrounds in publishing. Books such as Yoga for Dummies, Shakti: The Feminine power of Yoga, and various articles in the LAYoga Magazine, form part of the wide array of their combined influential writing.

In Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine, the authors include the additional opinions of health professionals, researchers, and yoga therapists to help them educate the wider public on integrative treatment methods. The book’s main argument is for the use of Yoga as a complementary treatment approach in therapy. This is not surprising given the growing number of physicians and doctors that already incorporate Yoga Therapy in the treatment of specific health challenges.

Yoga and Integrative Medicine coverThe book is comprehensive, well-organized, and highly informative as it combines a multitude of perspectives from highly acclaimed Yoga advocates.

As part of editorial reviews, Dean Ornish, founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, stated the following: “the book brings together some of the world’s leading health professionals, researchers, and renowned Yoga therapists to share clinical experiences, effective uses of Yoga therapies, and knowledge to help redone how we can integrate and use yoga therapy as an essential modality within healthcare. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.”