New Online Course: Quickbooks 2015 for Contractors

LMU Extension introduces Quickbooks 2015 for Contractors. Designed specifically for contractors, this course addresses the specific accounting needs of the construction industry. We’ll focus on how to use the Premier Contractor Edition of QuickBooks 2015 to run your contracting business more efficiently. Clear lessons and step-by-step instructions written in plain language will give you hands-on practice using the features that you’re sure to use on a daily basis.

QuickBooks Premier 2015 for Windows, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 2000, XP, or Vista, Internet access, e-mail, the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser, and the Adobe Flash and PDF plug-ins (two free and simple downloads you obtain at by clicking Get Adobe Flash Player and Get Adobe Reader).

QuickBooks Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins. When installing the software using the Premier version, be sure to select the contractor’s edition. QuickBooks Pro 2015 for Windows is acceptable for this course, but please be aware that the Pro version is missing certain features that are only available in the Contractor’s Edition used in this course. The Macintosh, Simple-Start, and Online versions of QuickBooks are not supported in this course.

Scott Paxton is recognized as a Certified Public Accountant and holds master’s degrees in business administration and accounting. His background includes experience as a public accountant, a manager in the banking industry, an entrepreneur and a college business instructor. In addition, Scott has spent much of his career working closely with small business owners to help them successfully implement and troubleshoot the QuickBooks accounting program.

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