Renowned quantum physicist Menas Kafatos will lecture on Consciousness on February 5 at LMU

mtpgjk-mtpghzmenaskafatos.thPhysicist Menas C. Kafatos, Fletcher Jones Professor of Computational Physics at Chapman University, will speak to students on the topics of religion, science and consciousness in a special visit to the University. Titled “Quantum Theory, Cosmology and Ecology: Consciousness Uniting All,” Professor Kafatos’ lecture will take place at LMU’s St. Robert’s Hall auditorium beginning at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. The public is invited to attend.

A summary of the lecture follows: The dialogue between science and spirituality is at crossroads: The old divisions, which allowed separate developments and evolution over the last several centuries in the West, are leading to impasses on many fronts. I claim that one common element which unifies everything is the underlying consciousness, the rock on which both science and religion must ultimately be built and were in fact built in the past and in many schools of thought in both the East and the West. Science, in particular, through developments in quantum theory, cosmology and brain science, is opening the door to common principles, which reveal fundamental workings of consciousness. The non-local and entangled characteristics of the quantum universe are not some weird and uncommon phenomena but manifest through the fundamental principles at every level of experience. This realization may lead to an emerging observer-based science of consciousness that in its full rights will enable a meaningful dialogue with religion and lead to new fronts of development. The stakes are high. The piling challenges facing the next generations, not least of which is building a sustainable, ecologically friendly, modern society, cannot be addressed without a meaningful dialogue between science and religion and cannot lead to long lasting solutions if the old truths of perennial philosophies are being ignored.

Professor Kafatos received his B.A. in Physics from Cornell University in 1967 and his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1972. He is a quantum physicist, cosmologist, climate change researcher and works extensively on consciousness, quantum theory, brain science, philosophy, and the above fields. He has published or coauthored numerous books, including The Conscious Universe, The Non-local Universe, Principles of Integrative Science, Looking In-Seeing Out, as well as hundreds of 275 journal articles and book chapters. He is coauthor with Deepak Chopra of the forthcoming book, Who Made God and Other Cosmic Riddles.

This lecture has been organized by Professor Jay Kumar, who currently teaches in the Department of Theological Studies and the Center for Religion and Spirituality. Prof. Kumar is also on faculty at Chapman University, where he co-teaches a course on the topic of consciousness with Prof. Kafatos.


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