CRS Director Robert Hurteau looks at Catholic Missionary movement in new book

hurteau_with_coverDr. Robert Hurteau, director of the Center for Religion and Spirituality (CRS), recently completed A Worldwide Heart: The Life of Maryknoll Father John J. Considine.  Published in June 2013 by Orbis Books, Dr. Hurteau spent the better part of two years both in the United States and abroad researching the life and ministry of the late Maryknoll priest and writer.

Publisher’s note:

The biography of a tireless mission promoter and Maryknoll legend offers a fascinating window on the Catholic missionary movement in the twentieth century. 

John J. Considine, MM (1897-1982) was one of the leading figures in Catholic mission in the twentieth century this despite his never having served in an overseas mission assignment. From the time of his entry in 1915 into the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers until his retirement in the mid-1970s, Considine was a tireless researcher, promoter, organizer of Catholic missions and their support institutions, innovator in communications, and mission scholar. As the first director of the bishops Latin American Bureau he played a key role in promoting U.S. mission to Latin America in the 1960s. Ahead of his time in promoting a post-colonial view of mission, Considine was an early proponent of World Christianity, racial justice, and the brotherhood and sisterhood of all the worlds peoples. This book offers the first critical assessment of his life and contributions during a turbulent and dynamic period in the history of the modern church.


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